Christmas Gifting Products from Frazer and Haws

Christmas is a  perfect reason to shower your loved one’s with gifts. The Christmas Collection from Frazer and Haws is an ideal gifting option for you and also for your loved ones.

Spread the magic with this exclusive Christmas Collection by Frazer and Haws  which is perfect for you and your loved ones.

Details of the Product :

1)    Card Holder Merry Christmas: Try this spunky Card Holder from Frazer and Haws’ Christmas collection.


2)    Book Mark Santa: Never miss a page with these alluring bookmarks from Frazer and Haws.


3)    Photo Frame Santa: Give your memories a perfect frame with mesmerizing variety in Silver by Frazer and Haws.


4) Paper Clip Christmas: Mark you pages with Silver clips which are perfect for these Christmas vacations.

Rs. 1900

5) Letter Opener X-Mas Cheers: Open Christmas letters with joy of silver with Frazer and Haws’ elegant Letter Openers.


6) Paper Clips Ho Ho Ho: Another exclusive book mark for the readers from Christmas collection by Frazer and Haws.

Rs. 1200

7) Car Hanging Angels: Rs. 4000

8)   Protection Symbol Cross: Keep all the positive vibes and energy captivated with Frazer and Haws’ Car Hanging Angels.

Rs. 4200

Available at:

11, Main Market, Lodhi Colony, New Delhi 110003.

Tel: 7643020202

Crown House, A 265, Defence Colony,

New Delhi 110024. Tel: 7644020202

17 & 18, UGF, Bhikaji Cama Bhawan, Bhikaji Cama Place,

New Delhi 110066. Tel: 7645020202

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