P. Misha’s spine chilling novel ‘Seven Doors of Satan’ reveals various shades of human characters

 Author P. Mishra’s action-packed fantasy book ‘Seven Doors of Satan’ provides a fast-paced, thrilling narration which deals with elements like deceit, love, revolt etc. Published by Notion Press, the book will surely enchant the readers and take them on an unforgettable journey.

The book is set at the backdrop of Bahen– a desert that rests away from the chaos of urban life. Amidst the sand dunes of Bahen lives a forbidden tribe named Kingpin, protecting the frontiers of humanity within their territory. The powerful members of the Kingpin tribe get influenced and corrupted by Tokonta, the tribal chief, who succumbs to his greed for wealth and fortune and goes on enslaving people from his tribe. Amongst this tribe is a supernatural girl named Aura, an orphan who is raised by a lady from the tribe. She is the epitome of beauty and possesses magical powers.

Aura’s powers are exploited by her master Deehan for the growth of the Kingpin tribe. Despite possessing supernatural powers, Aura’s yearning for love and compassion is left unattended to. As she turns into a beautiful woman, she lures the attention of Joshua, who proposes to marry her. But as she grows up, the tribe sees her as a threat and she is on the verge of getting traded to the venomous Calamitous of the Hidaffi tribe. If she has to survive, she has to flee from the tribe and move into the comfort of the urban life.

But in interesting turn of events, a sudden wave of love pulls her back to the tribe and her powers become the only hope for the shielding of the Kingpin tribe against Hidaffi. The struggle is joined by Joshua, who stakes his life for the tribe and also by Kiara, her accomplice in the flee plan. In a battle crafted by the angels and spirits, the tribes have to slog it out. Will it be the curse of the spirits that wins the war or will it the compassion of angels to emerge victorious? What happens to the life of Aura and those involved in the battle? Read to find out – Seven Doors of Satan.

The author P. Mishra has an empathetic mind and is hugely influenced by the power play at the centre of Universe.  Intrigued by the mystery of the supernatural realm she has endeavored to unravel its finer knots through Seven Doors of Satan. She feels that most times, we tend to take the sublime beauty of nature for granted and fail to look beyond the veil of the normal. Beyond this misty haze, there lies a wonderful world of super-consciousness that she has tried to have a glimpse of in her maiden novel.

The book is currently available on Amazon, Flipkart, Notion Press’ sites and other ecommerce sites.  Notion Press has been the backbone of many authors’ growth by providing them with its unique Author Incubation Program, which provides the right platform to get published and sell a number of copies in the market. It has been acknowledged by many as a very helpful tool to showcase their talent in this very challenging field of books and publishing.


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