The “Twinning” Story

Bollywood these days is bearing witness to the most unique “twinning” story – an extremely rare coincidence of epic proportions!
The soon to be released film Mubarakan sees Arjun Kapoor play a double role for the first time on screen; throwing up a hilarious spectrum of “twinning” possibilities! The film has garnered exceptional buzz and curiosity owing to its trailer and music over the past few weeks!
What are the odds of identical twin sisters singing in the same film revolving around twin brothers?
Two of the biggest party anthems of the season figure in the film…wowing audiences and critics alike the nation over! While the title track; “Mubarakan” is a foot thumping dance track that features one twin Sukriti Kakar crooning her way into our hearts and minds with Badshah ; “Hawa Hawa” is a peppy duet that features the other identical twin- Prakriti Kakar with Mika – raising the roof like never before! Both the tracks have become rages on the radio and television…continuing to make not just waves; but tsunamis in the industry!
The world works in mysterious ways throwing pleasant coincidences our way.

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