Make your monsoons vibrant with Monte Carlo’s New Monsoon Collection

With the monsoon bringing in a wave of fresh breeze and cool temperature, alongwith with the water logged streets; it is time to revamp your wardrobe to be equipped for the damp season. Monte Carlo’s latest collection for monsoon is here to help you prepare for the rains!

The newest additions to Monte Carlo’s shelves include a fresh and vibrant collection of shorts, capris, tee shirts, tops, dresses and tunics. The dresses have been designed to make you look vibrant enough to beat the dull cloudy climes, while keeping the comfort quotient high.

With the monsoon season on in full swing, you have to dress up for unpredictable downpours. It might be sunny when you depart for work in the morning but the roads might be deluged by the time you return. The need of the season is to pick clothes that do not cause much discomfort if you are stuck in a downpour, yet they do not compromise on your style quotient.

For women, capris and shorts, tunics and light tops are the best bet for the season. For men, Monte Carlo has introduced a complete range of shorts, Bermudas, tee shirts and polo necks.

“Our monsoon collection has been designed keeping the special requirements of the season in mind. The collection includes a series of capris, shorts, tee shirts and dresses that allow men and women casual alternatives to jeans and corduroys that tend to soak in a lot of water. Dress materials that are wrinkle free and easy to dry have been used to craft an attractive range of tunics and tops to allow for comfortable wearing. In this collection, there is something for every individual who is looking for a monsoon change in wardrobe,” says Ms. Monica Oswal, Executive Director, Monte Carlo.

Monsoon is also about wearing dark and beautiful colors after spending a few scorching months in pastels. On the other hand some people love right and vibrant floral and checkered prints during the season.

Monte Carlo’s monsoon collection has been designed to spread vibrancy all around you in the dull and grey cloudy environment.


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