Dr. Vivek Bindra concludes 1st phase of Leadership funnel

Dr. Vivek Bindra, man on a mission to empower the Indian masses to build a self-sustaining business environment for themselves, generate jobs and create a community of successful business leaders, has recently concluded the first phase of a 3 day training program called Leadership Funnel: Go Deep! Grow Steep!

The first phase of this program had 60 participants who flew from the length and breadth of the country with a singular objective to develop their skills and understand the loopholes in their business models to scale it up to new heights.

Leadership Funnel – Go Deep! Grow Steep! is an inimitable program focusing on ‘Mindset over Skillset’ and ‘Belief over Behaviour’ approach of Organizational Leadership. It is a blueprint for moving the high performing organsational leaders through a well-planned pipeline that prepares for success at each phase. Today, every leader is investing his time, energy and money in honing their existing skillset. Very few understand that if the mindset is adjusted, the skillset will automatically be improved. Hence, this program has two important aspects – Skillset and Mindset.

In words of a participant, “This program will bring a paradigm shift in my leadership style because now I will be focused more on developing the correct mindset and not just the skillset.”

“I have not learnt so much in 2 years of my MBA, as I have learnt in 3 days with Dr. Bindra. I think young entrepreneurs should seriously do Leadership Funnel instead of wasting two years in doing MBA” – Anand Omar, a young entrepreneur from Kanpur.

“At each significant phase of Leadership Funnel, I will have to progress my mindset to develop a new skillset required to function at each level. This will also help in unblocking my organization’s leadership pipeline and facilitating my own growth as a leading leader.” – Mr. SS Alam, Director – Aurum Jewels, Chennai

In the words of Dr. Vivek Bindra – International Motivational Speaker, Leadership Consultant and CEO Coach, “Our programs are best in class globally and we are committed to deliver these world class programs to our people through various mediums. We just don’t teach them but handhold them by giving them frameworks for effective execution.”

“Success has no single formula and it may work differently for different people and we are here to help these individuals to find their success formula. Anyone who has a strong belief system, is self-motivated, and who works in the right direction can be successful in life.” added Dr. Vivek Bindra.


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