An ode to Indian delicacies with ‘Puranmal’s India Ki Thali’

India is known for its tradition, culture, heritage and its peculiar food above all. Every state has its own specialty, whether it is Dhokla hailing from Gujarat or Makai Ki Roti from Punjab or a Bengali Mithai from Kolkata. If there’s any soulful vegetarian meal in town, we have found it at Puranmal. Every taste and every dish has its own story to tell. Puranmal, the fine dining restaurant chain is offering a treasure trove of delicacies from all over the country in their special ‘Puranmal Fusion Thali aka ‘Puranmal’s India Ki Thali’ at its outlets in Mumbai’.


What does the Puranmal Fusion Thali or simply put ‘Puranmal’s India Ki Thali’ mean? Patrons will be basically getting to sample the entire northern, western, eastern, southern cuisine from across the country one can handle, the great variety of dishes change daily and seasonally. It is also one of the few places which offers unlimited refills of the fusion thali meal. Right now, it’s monsoon, so your meal will include a platter of various pakodas.


Other highlights includes a trio of main course veggies like Maharashtrian special yellow potato vegetable peppered with mustard seeds or a succulent, tandoori paneer masala from Punjab and more and a section of appetizers like Hara Bhara kabab or stuffed mirchi pakoda served with a trio of chutney & sauces, most notably excellent mint chutney. Taking care of the dietary needs of the patrons the thali is decked up with a basket of assorted Indian Breads like Mini Bajra & Jowar Rotis accompanied by traditional phulkas. The dual rice option is excellently complemented with dahi kadhi or a sweet, spicy & tangy ‘Gujarati Dal’.


What: ‘Puranmal Fusion Thali aka ‘Puranmal’s India Ki Thali’


When: Ongoing


Cost: Rs. 350 onwards


Puranmal Restaurant – Puranmal,(Next to Mithibai College), Juhu, Puranmal, (Food Hub),Mumbai – Pune Express Way(Khopoli)



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