Daily ‘Gold coin lucky draw’ for Muthoot Finance customers

Global payment services company, Western Union has announced an exclusive ‘lucky draw contest’ for the customers of India’s largest gold financing company, Muthoot Finance where customers stand a chance to win half gm gold coin on receiving money from their loved ones abroad through the Western Union service. Muthoot customers from Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Goa, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh are eligible to participate in this contest through any of Muthoot Finance branches.


The daily lucky draw will be conducted five days a week from Monday to Friday and winning customers will be entitled for a gift of half gram gold coin per day.  A total of 260 gold coins are being offered by Western Union. The campaign began on 15th July and will end on 14th October, 2017.


Mr. George Alexander Muthoot, Managing Director, Muthoot Finance said, “At Muthoot Finance, customers are always a priority and we have always focused on serving them better. The festive season is usually the time of the year when families send money back home for their loved ones. We therefore decided to roll out this promotional campaign along with Western Union to help us connect better with our customers in South India and encourage more people to remit money.”


Muthoot Finance tied up with Western Union in 2011 for providing money transfer services through its countrywide network of 4300+ branches linking them to Western Union’s vast network of locations in over 146 countries.


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