Times and Trends Academy Expands its Footprint with a New Centre in Gujarat

It was yet another moment of celebration for Times and Trends Academy. Times and Trends Academy launched a new centre at Kalol, near Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

TTA is a multi-domain Academy for job oriented professional and vocational training programs, founded byMr.Amit Agrawal in the hearts of Oxford of East, Pune. Times and Trends Academy is formed with the vision to inspire and instruct others on how to improve their lives and achieve peace of mind, financial freedom and a career for life.

TTA stands apart from the rest of the institutes because of its three USPs:  1) Studies conducted by major universities and business organizations indicate that less than 10% of job failures are due to the lack of technical aspects of the job. And this means that more than 90% of such failures are due to lack of self-understanding, limited understanding of others and the lack of motivation (in short, deficient life skills and people skills). This prompted TTA to develop and create curriculum in a holistic way wherein 360-degree development of each and every student at Times and Trends Academy is ensured.

2) Another research says that “To make any New Learning a Permanent Part of your Subconscious Mind, 16 Times Repetition is required.” And hence TTA have uploaded all our training programs and sessions online including the life skills and people skills workshops. A unique username and password to access the same are shared with each and every student for life so that they can revise from the comfort of their home and time.

3) Entrepreneurship Development Program (EDP): TTA wants to help the youth today to convert their business ideas into successful start-up ventures, hence have developed an innovative incubator committed to translating potential concepts into successful business ventures.

Mr. Amit Agrawal (Founder and Chairman, Times and Trends Academy), said, “We are very happy to launch a yet another centre. This is a remarkable milestone that we have achieved. We are looking forward to reaching the different corners of the country and make vocational education accessible. And therefore, TTA will soon have more centres across various parts so that education can reach out to masses.”

Dinesh Patel (Director, Times and Trends Academy – Kalol, Gujarat) said, “TTA Kalol will help all the aspiring students from various background to build their strong careers. We will help students to acquire skill sets that make them highly competent and employable in the industry.”


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