Kokuyo Camlin pays tribute to Girl Power

Kokuyo Camlin Ltd; premier stationery brand has recently launched Wonder Woman, Bat Girl and Super Girlinspired Camlin Mechanical Pencil  with 0.7 mm lead. Kokuyo Camlin consistently innovates with its products range and this time it pays a tribute to the girl power. Girl of today are ultimate warriors like Wonder Woman, Bat Girl and Super girl! They are brave, self-reliant and have the strength to fight their battles yet are feminine and charming. It’s time to celebrate and embrace the girl power.

These new pencils are tailor made for young, confident and stylish girls. Camlin Mechanical Pencils are packed with features from the superhuman powers of Wonder Woman, Bat Girl and Super Girl. While they are out there to save the world, you can lay your hands on the new pen pencils available at a pocket friendly price of Rs 10/- only. These pencils come with an attractive foil designs with these super hero characters. The retractable tip provides a comfortable grip for smooth writing. It also has a built in eraser.

Saumitra Prasad, Chief Marketing Officer said, “The young school girls love and identify with the characters of Wonder Woman, Bat Girl and Super Girl. They are independent in their choices and confident about themselves, so this time we decided to launch the new mechanical pencils specifically for girls. I am sure with the success of the latest movie Wonder Woman, there will be many takers of these pencils.”

Straight out of American Comics, the new Camlin Mechanical Pencils are bound to enchant you with their super natural powers!


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