For registrations: Call +91-9833838808


Date: Saturday, 22nd and Sunday 23rd July 2017


Time: 2 pm – 6 pm on both days


Venue: Hobbmob Studio, Q-5 HauzKhas Enclave, HauzKhas, Block Q, Kharera, HauzKhas, New Delhi, Delhi 110016, India


All material provided by facilitator

No artistic ability / experience required



This workshop is an invitation to explore Mandala as a way of connecting to your creative spirit. In this two-day workshop you will be introduced to the idea of personal Mandala making. We will work to create several basic Mandalas using different mediums in different styles and with different intentions. A beautiful and fulfilling opportunity to express your inner creativity with this ancient craft!


By creating your own personal mandalas you will begin to tap into the power of the mandala as a personal tool of healing and insight into your own life.


In this workshop we will:

  • Learn about the healing properties of Mandalas
  • Setting personal intentions through mandalas to bring in growth and change
  • Indulge in artistic and creative meditation
  • Using various techniques to create mandalas that will include sacred geometry to imbibe positive energies and bring a sense of wholeness



No artistic ability or experience is needed. If you can sign your name, you can draw beautiful mandalas! The main aim is to express yourself rather than make a ‘perfect’ work of art.


What is a Mandala?

Mandala, a Sanskrit word, represents the Universe. Mandalas can be found in nature and in the art of all cultures. Simply put, a mandala is a circle with a design in the center. Psychologists and spiritual leaders have used mandalas as a tool for self-reflection and self-exploration through the ages; they have intrigued cultures around the world, from Celtic spirals and Indian mehendi to medival church labyrinths.


About the facilitator

Pooja Shah is a self-taught artist with a curiosity to understand the mystic better. Using art as a spiritual tool, she has been exploring her own inner journey through psychotherapy, art therapy, and the perennial wisdom at the heart of the world’s spiritual traditions, helping her to find her own personal path, which is rooted in Buddhism, yet still rejoices in the richness of all the different traditions. She has experienced very clearly how creative activities together with mindfulness practice and methods from art therapy can lead to increased insight, creativity, healing, enjoyment of life and an increased sense of purpose and connectedness. Pooja has been on this path of exploration for more than 5 years now, is a certified Visual Art Based Therapist and can be reached on


For media queries, please contact Pooja Shah on 9833838808 /


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