GoBuzzinga is back with its 3rd edition of the Momo Festival

A 3-day long carnival of everything Momo-licious!
If you call yourself a die-hard Momo lover, you ought to be at DLF Mall of India, Noida between 14th to 16th July. GoBuzzinga announces the third edition of its Momo festival and it’s going to be 3 times momo-some with more vendors, more flavours, more entertainment and yes, one extra day of pure bliss than the last edition.
A 3-day long Momo carnival, need we say anything more?! Okay, few insights on what is waiting for you at the other side so you could drag your gang to satiate your momo-cravings and cook happy memories or challenge and show them who is the Momo champion!
GoBuzzinga is bringing together 25 of the best Momo vendors of Delhi-NCR offering more than 100 variants of these lovely little dumplings under one roof. Last edition saw the humungous footfall of 40,000 people. So, get ready to hunt new flavours and pick your new favourite from Chocolate Momos, Vodka Momos, Changezi Chicken Momos, Authentic Darjeeling Momos, Veg Spicy Lemon Momos, Pan (Sweet Pan) Momos, Shrimp Momos, Achaari Momos and a lot more. You have to try them all! Spoil yourself with choices as the festival promises to offer a good balance of steam, fried, tandoori, gravy, vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. This is not all! Sooth the hot dips down your throat with chilled beer and indulge in some cool games and other activities.
So plan your group meet-up and enjoy the Delhi monsoons with Delhi’s beloved hot and steamy road-side snack. Worry not about the rains or sun playing hide and seek. Just relish your favorite snack and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere as the venue of the GoBuzzinga Momo Festival is a completely air-conditioned indoor space.

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