Metropolis Healthcare announces Medengage, a Medical Talent Outreach Program

: Metropolis Healthcare Ltd., a global chain of pathology labs and diagnostic centres announces Medengage, the first of its kind Medical Talent Outreach Program that has been conceived to nurture upcoming medical talent across India. Metropolis Healthcare Ltd. in a pioneering move has announced the facilitation and empowerment of medical students for Laboratory training so as to support rapid advancement of medical research in India.


The objective of Medengage is to aid development of medical talent in India by providing exclusive access to global standard of laboratory ecosystem, advanced industry practices/knowledge and necessary financial support.


Dr. Sushil Shah, Chairman and Founder, Metropolis Healthcare Ltd. said, “We are happy to partner with medical students who essentially form the future of the healthcare acumen in India. We look forward to providing world-class laboratory assistance to raise the bar of academic research in this nation.  I fully believe that the exceptionally talented scientific team at Metropolis will provide support and mentorship to these young minds.”


DrKirtiChaddha, Associate Vice President, Metropolis Healthcare Ltd added “Finding a fully equipped laboratory is an integral part of research and the accessibility of such advanced apparatus becomes a daunting task for medical students. Since we have an apt environment which will be useful for this purpose, our aim is to help budding professionals be active go-getters and globally renowned researchers. We, at Metropolis Healthcare, truly believe that healthcare organizations can provide young and talented medical professionals the right support and mentorship; and we will continue to play an active role in catalysing this radical change.”


This initiative has begun from April 2017 and is open to under-graduate and/or post-graduate medical students across the country.


In addition to the largest test menu and a wide network of accomplished healthcare professionals, Metropolis Healthcare has a reputation for accuracy, making it the perfect partner for aspiring researchers and talented students. The program promises to empower and capacitate medical students with resources which will consequently contribute to world medical literature.


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