The Power of writing while dabbling in ice cream!

Want to convert your thoughts to words? Papacream brings to you a story workshop for bringing out your creative writing skills. Story for Hire and Katha Kosa will help you explore your creative side and spin wonderful tales by inspiring you to go deep within and write down all that you can’t express verbally.

Feel free to express yourself without worrying what others will think and put on those creative caps will coming up with some amazing stories! Going outside the bound of basic narrative and typical character building, Story for Hire and Katha Kosa will guide you to build the perfect story line and identify the characters and the plot.

Added to this, is the benefit of getting to choose from any Papacream item on the menu to go with your newly acquired story writing skills! From Belgian Chocolate and Salted Popcorn Milkshakes to red velvet cupcake ice cream and yummy spicy guava and raspberry sorbets – the shop is all yours to take your pick! Come on over  to Papacream on Sunday 28th May from 1pm-4pm and indulge in some fairytale love!

WHAT: Story Writing Workshop
WHERE: Papacream (Churchgate)
WHEN:  Sunday, 28th May
TIME: 1 PM – 4PM
PRICE: Rs.1000
ADDRESS: 18, Cambatta (Eros) Building, J.T Road, Churchgate, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400020

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