Notion Press Publishes ‘The Celeritas Files’: The New Gripping Thriller On The Block

A postgraduate in Management and a chartered accountant, Ishan Majumdar has released his book, The Celeritas Files, which is published by Notion Press.

The protagonist of the story, Shaina Desai, works as the Head of Research and Development for a technology based firm in New Delhi. Her R&D initiatives pay off when her dream project develops a breakthrough technology, with potential to disrupt the entire industry and generate revenue to the tune of millions. Shaina convinces a French technology giant to invest in her firm that will aid her to develop the product. The deal is cut short when things take an unexpected turn, with an employee is killed moments before the papers are signed.

She is made aware of the fact that her five-year-old son, Rajiv has been abducted and that the kidnappers want the new technology in exchange for her son. She finds herself torn in between a conspiracy to steal her technology and her son’s safety. Shaina is shown to be an independent woman when she refuses to abort her child after she got pregnant outside marriage. Shaina’s affection towards her son Rajiv, which is an epitome of selflessness, is the talking point in the story. Her love towards him is what drives her forward. The strong characterization and confrontation between the protagonist and other characters make this story gripping. This book has all the elements that one would expect from a thriller mystery.

The Author Ishan grew up in Mumbai, and graduated from one of the premier institutions in the country and went on to do his master’s degree in France. He has worked as an investment banker and strategist for multinational companies. Ishan is a polyglot – he is fluent in six languages, has acquired French and Spanish during his studies abroad. The storyline and the background of the story are incorporated from his experiences in France. He currently works in a venture capital fund based in New Delhi.

A page turner in the truest sense, Notion Press is glad to have published this book, which is sure to grab one’s attention.


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