Vami Contributes Towards Wellness of Women on Mothers’ Day

On the occasion of Mothers’ Day, Vami, The Great Indian Place (GIP), Garden Galleria Mall and Piku Sports have partnered to promote spirit of fitness in women. The event aims at encouraging women, kids, parents, grandparents and professional runners to inspire each other towards taking conscious steps to a healthy lifestyle. More than 700 fitness enthusiast including mothers, women, kids and grandparents participated in the event

According to a research, the largest number of cardiac patients are present i.e., 10 percent of the total population. Also, according to a global research conducted across 13 countries, 26% have expressed heart disease as a major health concern. Also, several studies have shown that cardiovascular diseases can be prevented by running/ walking plays.

Talking about the association, Mr. Vineet Aurora, General Manager, Marketing, Vami said, “We are really excited to be a part of this event on the occasion of Mother’s Day as Vami encourages every woman to cherish womanhood every day. It’s a testament to campaign recently initiated by Vami for modern woman indulging in physical activities time to time to release stress and remain fit. Most women faces substantial persistence and co morbidity post delivery. According to UNICEF India, globally about 800 women die every day of preventable causes related to pregnancy and child birth; 20 percent of these women are from India only. This is high time we should pay attention to health of mothers and those who will become mothers one day.”


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