VPS Rockland Hospital saves life of 82 year old senior citizen

VPS Rockland Hospital, the multi-super specialty hospital, located at Dwarka in New Delhi, recently performed a lifesaving surgery on 82 year old senior citizen who suffered a hip fracture while doing general work at home. The patient was brought in emergency, was immediately admitted after assessing the patient and his cardiac issues.

The senior citizen had serious cardiac problems having a pacemaker and he was on anti-platelets (blood thinners). Also, the doctors at the hospital had to ensure that the hip fixation surgery should not complicate the matter further.


Team of Orthopaedic Surgeons at VPS Rockland, Dwarka consisting of Dr. R. Mattoo and Dr. Avnish with cardiac and anaesthetic department decided to undertake the surgery for the broken hip. As a preparation and precautionary measure before the surgery, the patient was kept under observation for two days to optimize for surgery. To prevent any cardiac complication, supervisory cardiac team of the hospital was kept on standby who were regularly monitoring the patient during the surgical procedure.


Dr. R. Mattoo, Chief Orthopaedic Surgeon, VPS Rockland, Dwarka added “It was our prime responsibility to ensure safety and effective treatment of patient. The patient being a senior citizen was weak physically, so it was not possible to immobilize the patient for longer duration as this would have had severe effects on his health .In an elderly patient with medical co-morbidities, the main aim is to make the patient ambulatory as quickly as possible to prevent complications.. Also the fracture fixation surgery is done by minimally invasive technique under C-arm guidance as quickly as possible and to prevent the blood loss. Surgery on this high risk surgery was completed in just 25-30 minutes.”


After the whole procedure, the patient was kept under observation for one day in ICU and was discharged the day after in a moving condition. The patient is now walking fine with the help of a walker.


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