Tech Gifts Guide for Mother’s Day 2017

Delight and spoil her with some techie love this Mother’s Day


This Mother’s Day, let’s give a miss to the usual standard gifts and look over for something more interesting. Tech gadgets could be a really cool way to show how much you appreciate her efforts and attempt to get wiser with technology every single day. Be it calling you endless number of times during the day or sending your forwards on your instant messaging platforms, Mothers are really making a stand in the tech world, lesser known to them.


Splurge over the list of top 5 tech products that made it to our list which are guaranteed to please your Mother.


Tile item tracker: We all know how stuffed our mom’s handbags are! They keep their whole world inside that tiny bag, finding things from which is almost impossible. Get your mom this item tracker and help her keeping it all simple. Tile is a tiny Bluetooth tracker and easy-to-use app that helps you find everyday items in seconds. You can get it from Amazon for INR 3200.













Amazon Echo: It’s a perfect home assistance for your mom who will help her in household work. The Echo is a hands-free voice-activated speaker which uses Amazon’s Alexa, a virtual assistant, to play music, check the weather, turn on the lights and much, much more. Gift your mom this and make her life simpler. It’s available on Amazon for INR 9,637.















Lechal: While your mother takes care of everyone at your home, this mother’s day gift her Lechal’s unique insoles and help her track her fitness stress free. All you have to do is, just connect the insoles or the buckles to the Lechal app, slide them into your shoes and get real time update of your fitness & navigation through haptic feedback – the sense of touch using vibrations. Its user-friendly interface allows easy access to turn-by-turn navigation, creating custom workouts, setting fitness goals and much more. Available on Amazon and its website it costs INR 6,999.

Anova Precision Cooker: For the mom who loves to cook but doesn’t always have time for it. This precision cooker makes it easier to cook like a pro in less time. Drawing on the hottest trend in cooking, Sous vide, Anova packs over 1,000 recipes into its free app. It’s available on their site for INR 6,400.

















Phone-charging Wristlet: This is a guaranteed winner of a gift with every mom needing a handbag and an easy way to keep her phone charged up. It has a battery pack sown into its lining offering a cheap and efficient way to incorporate a charger. It’s available on Amazon for INR 1617.









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