Manav Gangwani Designs Exclusive Merchandise For Justin Bibers’s India Tour

Master couturier & one of the leading names in the fashion fraternity, Manav Gangwani has created exclusive merchandise for Justine Biber’s Purpose Tour To India. Justine Biber preforms in India for the very first time on 10th May 2017 in Mumbai. Manav has carefully curated and conceptualized special high top sneakers and embellished caps for Bibers tour. Keeping in mind India’s rich heritage & culture, he has created products to reflect what is synonymous to India – Peacock Feathers & the Snake. Using Swarovski crystals in different colours and motifs Manav has set out to create unique merchandise for the 23-year-old international pop artist.

On this occasion Manav Gangwani says, “I hope the teen heartthrob enjoys a little touch of India, I have created merchandise that reflects the rich culture of our country keeping in mind Biber’s sensational young vibe”


Specially designed for the teenage heartthrob @justinbieber for the #PurposeTour to #India by @manavgangwani @couturemg. The merchandise is conceptualised and created to reflect what is synonymous to India. #jbarmy #justinisintown #belieber  #whitefoxindia #MG #ManavGangwani #MGCouture #ManavGangwaniCouture #MGIndia #ManavGangwaniIndia #MeMyBoys #MGMA #SwarovskiCrystals #MGxSwarovski #CrystalsFromSwarovski


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