92.7 BIG FM, India’s largest and No.1 radio network,known forits vestige ofspawning fresh and innovative content to provide listeners a melodious experience, has introduced a contest called ‘5 ka 50’. With the launch of this riveting concept, the radio station aims at providingentertainment to the listeners with the idea of inheriting a reward in return. The radio channel ensures to play 50 songs in the span of five hours across Delhi and Mumbai and if they don’t, thelisteners can win a whooping prize money of 50,000 in return. 92.7 BIG FM is going ahead of its usual pattern to entertain the listeners by offering fresh concepts with on-going entertainment.


While content on radio is usually a creative mix of RJ announcements, advertisements and music, the objective of introducing the format of 50 songs in 5 hours, is to provide the listeners with maximum music in day. The contest goes on air everyday between 12 to 5 pm and will be active until the 5th of June, wherein thelistenerscan tune into the frequency and listen to their favourite tracks. In any case if the count of the songs played on air is less than 50, the listeners can stand a chance to win a huge amount of 50,000 every week. They can participate by calling the radio channel and give them the count of the songs played,and become eligible to claim the guaranteed prize.To raise the excitement further in the upcoming week, the show will also offer one lucky winner a rejuvenating holiday at the Dubai Park and Resorts.


Speaking on the announcement of the new concept, RJ from BIG FM said, “We at 92.7 BIG FM believe in providing a wholesome experience to our listeners by introducing unique concepts. While keeping the entertainment quotient high with melodious music, we also want our listeners to have a wonderful experience and stay connected with us. The radio channel has been rolling out interesting show concepts from time to time, and ‘5 ka 50’ truly lives up to its ethos.”


With its sustained efforts to expand the horizons of radio entertainment, 92.7 BIG FM continues to explore new and innovative formats.



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