Retro: A new banta drink is in town

Before most international soft drinks came into the Indian market, the locals beat the summer heat with the very refreshing and lemony Bantas served by street-side vendors. As time went other drinks took over the market and only the die-hard fans have kept the good ol’ Bantas alive in some parts of North India. We at Buttercup Foods Pvt Ltd decided to give this drink a makeover for the new times and add some more zing to the old favourite. We call our product #RETRO with a focus and punch line of ‘Be DESI’.

We did a soft-launch for #Retro at the last two Grub Fests held in October 2016 and more recently in March, 2017. With every sip of #Retro’s first flavour you’ll feel the all familiar flavours of lemon, Cumin, Black salt and then some surprising tangy notes that will remind you of nothing familiar at all! That’s why we call this flavour: Twisted Banta! The response from Delhites was tremendously encouraging.

Amit, 22, tried the flavour at the Grub Fest held in March, and said, “The bottle reminds me of my school days. I’d love to share with my friends.” Mahi, another young girl who gave our drink a try, said, “It was the Twist in the taste that got me hooked. The bottle looks interesting enough to try but the taste is amazing. I am an anardana fan and the sweet salty mix of this is a winner.”

Wherever we go, whether its college fests or QSRs, the drink is being appreciated by the young and not so young. Priced at Rs. 20 for 330ml #RETRO is quite pocket-friendly too.

We sold out our first batch within 1 week of our launch. We are growing rapidly at a rate of 200% every month, and the team is trying their best to meet the market demand. For this we have tripled the warehouse space and are steadily increasing the sales. Within 4 month of the launch of the product, we have 12 distributors across Delhi, making #Retro available at over 800 retail locations, including all stores of Krishna Supermarche in West Delhi.

Actively helping in this project is Nishant Jain, Founder, STARTUP MASTERZ. Nishant is a serial entrepreneur and #Retro is his 5th project. Commenting on why he was so interested in the project, he said “Buttercup has an amazing team; so young and dedicated. The idea of entering into a fiercely competitive market with a product so unique yet so old was irresistible”

As the temperatures soar we hope Delhi is going to give #Retro a try. For those who are not in Delhi and would like to try #RETRO, it is also available online on Amazon:



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