Ready to roll back all decisions taken against Budget Private Schools: Sisodia

Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia has said that Delhi Government is ready to roll back all decisions which are creating problems for small budget private schools. He said that these schools play an important role in providing quality education in the society. He stressed that parents mostly have problems only with Elite or High Fee private schools. He was expressing his views during Sandhi Samaroh organized in Hastasal by the Think Tank Centre for Civil Society. This event was organized to reward the winners of Sandhi Olympiad and their schools.

Addressing kids studying in the budget private schools, their parents and teachers, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said that his aim to join politics was not only to create a corruption free India but to provide good quality education to kids. During this, president of Centre for Civil Society Dr Parth J Shah demanded that on the lines of Mohalla Sabha and Mohalla Clinic, Mohalla Shiksha Sabha should also be formed. He said that just like every Mohalla has different set of problem, every Mohalla has a different set of education related problems also. And they can be resolved only through formation of MohallaaShiksha Sabha.

National President of National Independent Schools Alliance (NISA) Kulbhushan Sharma attracted the attention of the dignitaries towards the set of problems arising due to same set of government laws applied to both small and big schools. He said that all budget private schools are facing problems due to Government Laws. Local MLA Mahendra Yadav was also present during this meeting and he assured his full support for efforts being made towards promotion of good quality education. Best performing kids from 31 schools where Sandhi Olympiad was conducted were rewarded with trophies. All the dignitaries invited other schools to also participate in the Sandhi Project.


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