Dalmia Bharat brings art to cement, changes the category perception by launching ‘Craft Béton’

In a first for the cement industry, Dalmia Bharat has launched ‘Craft Béton’, showcasing beauty and versatility never before seen in cement. A pioneering and innovative platform of creative and functional product expressions, Craft Béton brings together specially created objects of desire crafted by Indian and international designers using the world’s greenest cement*.


Through an entirely new paradigm, these products reveal cement as being versatile, aesthetic and aspirational. Internationally-acclaimed designers have crafted over 50 high-end luxury products – ranging from lifestyle to home to accessories – at a residential programme in New Delhi. The Craft Béton Collection 2017 designed by Iti Tyagi (India), Somesh Singh (India), Mirslow Baca (Poland) and Alan Saga (Mexico) is available online for ownership at www.craftbeton.com.


Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Puneet Dalmia, Managing Director, Dalmia Bharat Group said “We are delighted and very excited to introduce Craft Béton. This is not just a product line. It reflects a paradigm shift in the perception, use, and application of cement. By demonstrating the sheer versatility of this material, Craft Béton has demonstrated that cement can be very aesthetic, practical and even aspirational”


“We have consistently and successfully calibrated cement in various ways, fine-tuning it for the end consumer across geographies and for different needs. Craft Béton is perhaps the finest expression of our innovation which has actually created a historic new category for cement. For the first time cement is an object of desire, is a feasible and better alternative to conventional materials and is distinctive.” Added Mr. Mahendra Singhi, Group CEO, Dalmia Bharat Cement.


Craft Beton is a work of pride by Dalmia Bharat that truly showcases the beauty and versatility of cement while rethinking art and redefining perception.


*The world’s greenest cement with the lowest carbon footprint of 330 net Co2 emissions (kg per ton of cementatious material) against the global average of 612 and the Indian average of 579.


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