Ambuja Compocem launched – a superiorcomposite cement product for better sustainability – a first in the Indian cement industry

Ambuja Cement, the undisputed leader among cement companies in India,has launched a highly superior cement—Ambuja Compocem. The company’s Chhattisgarh facility becomes the first cement plant in India to develop a composite cement after rigorous research of the last year and a half.

The new offering – a combination of cement, fly ash and slag – has been introduced in Bihar and Jharkhand markets and thus opensyet another avenue of sustainable products in the construction industry.

Speaking on the launch of theinnovative product,Managing Director and CEO Ajay Kapur said, “Ambuja Compocem is yet another breakthrough product innovation from Ambuja Cement. We are proudthis product was developedin our laboratory by the product development and innovation team. The introduction of Ambuja Compocem reiterates our strong commitment in creating products that help in sustainable construction.”

“With the launch of Ambuja Compocem, we have achieved a three pronged sustainability approach by conserving natural resources, creating a greener product andfulfilling customer needsfor a superior performance product. We call this approach –delivering True Value,” Mr. Kapur added.

With this, Ambuja Cement has addressed two vital aspects from customer`s perspective — offering higher compressive strength and long-term durability. The advanced product caters to all segments — Individual House Builders (IHB),large real estate and infrastructure projects in India.


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