Bahubali 2 World Premier Invite designed by EDC

The most awaited movie of the year is back with a bang and who other than EDC to proclaim its return far and wide. Yes, you heard it right; Bahubali is back, bigger and more extravagant than before. EDC took upon themselves the enormous task of informing this return in the most gorgeous and delicate way possible. The invite, just like the movie, is complex and layered in the most intriguing. The cover itself is a stunning fire orange in color. Once removed, the cover reveals a beautiful hard bound box, which contains a golden ticket that reads ‘World Premier’ above the film’s title. The box also has a placard depicting a colored sketch of the franchise’s iconic scene, which shows Shivagami Devi holding up young Bahubali as she is immersed in the water to protect him from drowning.

EDC is known for its luxury invitations, it believes in innovation and creation. They have been known for crafting terrific and desirable works of personalized art. They’ve transformed dreams into reality for people who wished for the concept of couture invitations in India.


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