Scavin to launch Protection glasses

Scavin, an integrated eye wear creator, manufacturer and distributor of trust and quality to its customers is all set to launch a new range of eye-wear glasses that provides protection against heat radiations giving 100% protection against UVB/UVA.
In this era of intense digitization, people have often started overlooking the damage which digital screens are causing to their eyes. Mobile exposes us to high energy visible (HEV) light which has shown to cause changes in the eyes, damaging our eyes permanently. Digital Eye strain can also cause severe damage to our eyes. Direct glare of over 30 minutes can cause rapid deterioration of vision. 99% of cells that protect the retina can be damaged by LEDs. Besides the development of eye cancer, such radiation can also be responsible for the formation of cataract, glaucoma and near near sightedness.
“The RnD division of Scavin had been working on launching such glasses that protect the eyes from these harmful radiations, These blue radiation protection glasses are more enhanced to protect your eyes, with or without a prescription”, adds Mr.Nitin Grover, Director of Scavin International Exim Pvt LTD (Licensee of Killer Eyewear in India).
These glasses come in distortion free lenses that will help you to work 24*7 without having strain on yours eyes.
So let’s put an end to damage of vision of our country’s youth workforce with Scavin.


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