ExportersIndia.com witnesses an all-time high demand for cooling products across India, China, Sri Lanka and Taiwan

ExportersIndia.com, India’s largest searchable B2B marketplace & Exporters Directory that connects Manufacturers, Exporters, Suppliers, and Buyers to generate value from unlimited online trade opportunities and Buyer enquiries, today announced that, apart from India, countries like China, Sri Lanka and Taiwan are also witnessing a glaring surge in cooling products, this summer season. Air conditioner tops the list, followed by air coolers, refrigerators, ceiling fans, water coolers and power inverters, in the same order.

In terms of difference in traffic with respect to various categories, between this summer season and the winter season that had just gone by – Air conditioners registered 150.00% traffic difference, followed by air coolers at 199.00%, refrigerators at 110.94%, Ceiling Fans at 96.29%, water coolers, 174.19% and power inverters, at 111.11%.

Speaking on the trend, Mr. Sunil Gupta, Founder & Director, ExportersIndia.com, commented, “India leads the pack when it comes to demand for new air conditioners and in fact it is the only country where the demand for ACs is the highest. Also, water coolers and power inverters are two exclusive categories whose demand chiefly comes only from India. This speaks volumes about the harsh weather conditions and electricity supply issues that our country faces at large. As far as demands for other appliances are concerned, for air coolers India and China clock the highest, Taiwan and India take the lead for refrigerators and India and Sri Lanka top the charts for ceiling fans demands”.

ExportersIndia.com’s business model is based on Pay per View model, wherein the buyer’s requirement is converted to a supplier’s lead. All relevant leads as per the chosen products/services are displayed, and payments are made only to view the chosen leads that attract the attention of the buyer and seem worthy enough to be procured. After the payment process, the complete details are accessible to the buyer following which, they can process the lead to materialize it into their business.


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