Best Picks For Akshay Tritya From LimeRoad

This Akshay Tritya, bring home auspicious vibes. The festival marks new beginning and prosperity and is considered to bring in luck and bliss. The day is considered ideal for bringing new things to your house and start new endeavours on health, personal and professional fronts. To direct all positivity into your home, choose from these beautiful picks from LimeRoad that are perfect for Akshay Tritya.



Goddess Laxmi on Lotus Idol

INR- 2963

Beautify your Laxmi Pooja set up for Akshay Tritya by placing this gorgeous idol of Goddess Laxmi sitting on the lotus. The beautiful statue speaks of positivity and prosperity. It is ideal for your mandir and can also be decorated in the lobby of your house for attracting good vibes into your home.






Handmade Brass Finish Temple Nook


A beautifully lit temple nook is perfect to bring home this Akshay Tritya. It’s colourful and is best suited for the entrance of your house. You can also place this nook in your mandir room. Decorate it with string lights, flowers and diyas to bring home loads of brightness on this auspicious day.










Gold Brass Akhand Diya


This simple yet pretty akhand diya will prettify your pooja place instantly. It is a great buy for Akshay Tritya as it’s all about adding brightness to your life. According to the scriptures, it is considered auspicious to light an akhand diya during evening time as it removes all negatively and brings peace into the atmosphere of your abode.




Laxmi Coin Necklace Set

INR- 1019


Marking fortune and favourability, this Laxmi coin necklace set is perfect to be gifted to the woman of your house. It can be gifted along with a beautiful silk saree and ‘sringar’. It is bright and beautiful and very lucky, especially on Akshay Tritya.





Pooja Thali in Velvet Box 

INR- 2009


This beautiful pooja thali is crafted out of high quality German silver. It is packed perfectly in a stunning velvet box. This Akshay Tritya, you can offer this beautiful Pooja thali to your loved ones and strengthen your bond. You can also buy it for your own mandir and add something new and shiny to the space.


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