Ravindra Jadeja takes on Castrol Activ Cling On fielding challenges

Ravindra Jadeja – considered by many to be the best Indian fielder since Eknath Solkar, responded magnificently to fielding challenges put to him by over a thousand fans as part of the Castrol Activ #ClingOnJadeja campaign. The idea was to have cricketing fans help Jadeja cling on to his passion of fielding, just like Castrol Activ’s Actibonds Cling On to the bike engine and provide continuous protection.


In March 2017, cricket fans from all over India were invited by Castrol Activ to send in their toughest fielding challenges through various social media channels to Jadeja who picked up the most difficult ones to perform for the fans. The top few have now been captured on an exciting video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35PRghLxKt8which has been released across social media today. The video shows Jadeja at his very best in the field, bringing off the most sensational saves and catches – a great view for all cricket fans and especially for young cricketers wanting to excel in the field. The video is available on www.youtube.com/castrolcricket


According to Jadeja: “The #ClingOnJadeja campaign has been one of the most exciting campaigns I have been part of. The challenges thrown at me by fans were really difficult and it took a lot of practice and skill to pull them off. These challenges have helped me to further hone my skills and I am sure you will see some of these in live action on the field.”


Commenting on the Castrol Activ #ClingOnJadeja campaign, Kedar Apte, Vice President, Marketing – India & SouthAsia, CastrolIndiasaid: “It’s always nice to be part of something different. We’re all very excited by #ClingOnJadeja campaign and strongly believe that this is the beginning of a great new association. Ravindra Jadeja is great fielder who best epitomizes Castrol Activ’s brand proposition of clinging on and protecting.  Just as Castrol Activ clings on to the engine parts and protects them, Jadeja clings on to every catch and every ball which comes his way, protecting the fielding area he is patrolling. We have leveraged digital medium through the #ClingOnJadeja campaign to provide an innovative and engaging experience for cricket fans.”


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