Char Bar Now Offering a New Summer Special Menu

With the summer season about to peak over the next few weeks, people are always hunting for refreshments that are not only cool but also add a fair bit of nutritional element to a drink. And to quench your thirst in these hot and humid months, Cha Bar has introduced a summer special menu that comprises an impressive array of refreshing beverages like Sattu Cooler, Jal Zeera, Aam Panna, Green Apple Soda, Pink Lemonade and Green Japanese Matcha Shake that your taste buds will love for sure.

The entire Cha Bar range of beverages is available at the Oxford Bookstore, where you can spend some quality time reading the books that interest you while sipping a rejuvenating drink. That aside, there’s a delectable range of snacks available to whet your appetite while you flips through the pages of your favourite book.

Summer in Delhi is truly unbearable both for those living in the city and others coming to the Capital for work. The Met office has forecast record temperatures this year and Delhi is likely to be one of the worst affected among all metros in the country. It is thus undeniably important to keep yourself hydrated so that you can battle the rising mercury which is breaking new highs each day. A refreshing drink is what you need to sustain your energy levels.

Cha Bar has an exhaustive range of beverages, whether you prefer a rich, full-bodied, strong flavour, or a light fragrant taste. The brainchild of entrepreneur Priti Paul, the first Cha Bar opened in Kolkata’s Oxford Bookstore back in 2000. It was a hit from day one and the contemporary urban café has since spread to Bangalore, Bhubaneswar, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and New Delhi. Cha Bar today attracts a steady stream of connoisseurs who want to savour the best beverages drawn from cultures across the world.

Venue- Oxford Bookstore

N-81, Barakhamba Road,

Block N, Cannaught Place,

Delhi 110001


Cost for two- INR 300 approx. 


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