In its unique way of observing the Earth Day, Rajpur Road situated Pacific Mall conducted a Sparrow house distribution event at its premises. The intricately designed sparrow houses were built by jail inmates and the distribution was itself done by Doon Jail I.G., Mr. P.V.K. Prasad. Also a special message wall, bearing the words, ‘This summer, help give sparrow some relief’ was placed at the event, where the mall visitors wrote their thoughts highlighting the significance of sparrow preservation.

Mr. Prasad sparked off the event by a splendid speech and also distributed the bird houses among the people. The receivers wrote their messages on the wall and expressed their dutiful concern about the sparrows. The whole event was organised by Pacific Group along with Doon Jail, to spread the message of being concern about the animals around and specially in the present times the birds that are on verge of extinction. The event also showcased assorted stalls displaying hand crafted artifacts made by the jail inmates. Speaking at the event, Mr. Prasad said, “We as a community must come up with such activities, to encourage animal affection and spread the message of protecting them. The birds are an integral part of our nature and on this Earth Day we all must take a pledge to conserve our nature”


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