Jewellery Designer Shillpa Purii brings in a loveable way of celebrating Mother’s Day with this exquisite gift hamper. This visually attractive box is curated keeping in mind colours which are feminine, bright and summer soothing.

The gift hamper consists of jewellery personally designed and selected by Designer Shillpa Purii. Being a mother herself, she is a good judge of suitable gifting options for Mother’s Day.

The jewellery box contains:

  • Crystal Broach Neckpiece

This stunning one side necklace is strung with delicate pearls attached to a crystal floral broach.

  •  Stone Studs

White stone studs with pearls surrounding it. The studs are light in weight and attractive for almost any occasion.


The idea of the jewellery in the box is versatile; can be paired with a saree or even a plain shirt and something that mothers and daughters can even share.


Shillpa Purii says, “Mothers work all around the clock for us, Mother’s Day is one day to show your love and gratitude towards your beautiful lady.


Jewellery can make any women feel special and pampered, is an item of luxury that can be shared between mothers- daughters. We hope through our jewellery we can reach out to all the beautiful ladies who play so many roles on their lives for their families and people around them.”


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