Summer is here bringing along with it a package full of fun, holidays, fresh colorful fruits and also a lot of suntan and skin woes. This season, enjoy the outdoors without worrying the least about your skin. Let the nature take the best care of your outer self.


Organic Harvest brings to you an amazing range of sun protection gels and creams that offer a break-through innovation in sun care. Organic Harvest’s sunscreen range not only provides sun protection but is helpful in fighting against aging, pigmentation, wrinkles, and loss of natural radiance. The range includes Sunscreen SPF 60, SPF 30, SPF 15 and After Sun Gel Cream. The brand has also formulated a special Sunscreen for Oily Skin.


Organic Harvest’s Sunscreen SPF 60 – A sweat-resistant formula, it creates a shield on your skin to combat the harmful effects of UV-A & UV-B rays. Formulated using the best of natural ingredients including Aloe Vera; it also contains Minerals and Vitamins, that protect the skin from within. A fragrance-free, hypoallergenic and non-greasy formula, say yes to beautiful and glowing skin.


Organic Harvest’s Sunscreen Lotions with SPF 30 along with its Sunscreen Gel with SPF 15 contain a triple action formula and include natural preservatives that shield the skin from harmful sunrays. Its sweat resistant formula ensures a carefree sun time, on the go. Organic Harvest Sunscreen Lotion with SPF 60 provides a superior physical broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection to the skin. If your skin is not used to cream based lotions, there is the SPF 15 Sunscreen Gel, which feels so light after application that it blends seamlessly in the skin and leaves a never-before matte feel.


Organic Harvest Sunscreen gel crème – The gel calms and soothes your skin keeping the nourishment intact. Olive plant leaves extract provides robustness and resistance against bacterial damage and inflammation. This light weight formula blends seamlessly within the skin and prevents it from further damage. The moisturizing properties and the antioxidants in the gel will improve your skin tone and balance the oils in your skin, leaving it soft, supple and nourished.


Organic Harvest’s Sunscreen for Oily Skin – An impeccable skincare product for people with oily skin; the product is a revolutionary union of nature, science and innovation. This sunscreen contains olive oil, Eco gel and sepimat that absorb excess oil from the skin. The light and hydrating feel protects and nurtures well, while keeping those ugly acne and shiny patches away. Formulated as a lotion that’s non-greasy and light-weight; the sunscreen is packaged in a dispenser for convenience and hygiene.


So this season, choose the sunscreen best suited for your skin type and step out in the sun carefree while Organic Harvest keeps your skin healthy and beautiful.


Price:    Organic Harvest’s Sunscreen for Oily Skin – Rs. 545/-

Organic Harvest’s Sunscreen Gel SPF 60 – Rs. 695/-

Organic Harvest’s Sunscreen with SPF 30 – Rs. 495/-

                Organic Harvest’s Sunscreen Gel SPF 15 – Rs. 495/-

Organic Harvest’s After Sun Gel Cream – Rs. 495/-



  • Across all major cities in India(Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Surat, Bareilly and Dehradun)
  • Prominent e-commerce websites



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