Dheeraj Jain picks 10% equity in Video Analytics & Enterprise Safety company, ASADEL Technologies April 20, 2017

Enhanced Safety & Security Platform and an Advance Video & Image Enhancement Solution Join Portfolio of Dheeraj Jain, Managing Partner of Redcliffe Capital


Dheeraj Jain, Managing Partner, Redcliffe Capital, through his investment portfolio, invests an un-disclosed amount in Delhi based ASADEL Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


Founded in early 2015 by an IT industry veteran, Partha Guha Patra, ASADEL Technologies launched its products in C2IS (Command, Control, Intelligence and Surveillance) domain. The company has developed deep expertise in building solutions and products those cater to efficient management of safety & emergency needs of individuals and businesses. It helps improve quality of response, investigations and intelligence using advance predictive analytics on location data records (LDR) and reconstructed images and videos from user’s mobile phones or CCTV cameras. The company developed iSOSu™, a personal emergency responder with a 24×7 Command & Control solution and IMARECON™, a smart image & video enhancer and re-constructor.


“IMARECON is an efficient and powerful cloud-based platform that enhances and reconstructs images & videos, and allows dynamic setting of over 70 parameters. I believe this is a niche space with immense opportunities and the practice built around such capability can logically move to powerful AR & VR platforms. We already have numerous contracts globally under execution”, said Dheeraj Jain


“Overall citizen and employee safety has never been higher on the global agenda than it is today, and we are confident that both products, iSOSu and IMARECON, provide ample power to law enforcements and employers to effectively tackle current and future safety challenges. We are in the process of adding deep learning techniques to our existing solutions to power our products to achieve results with high accuracy in much less time. We are excited to have Dheeraj Jain on-board ASADELTECH™. We are all poised to benefit from his deep experience and network as we embark ourselves addressing global markets”, said Partha.


ASADEL Technologies has strategic tie-up with Passy Experience Limited, Sofia (Bulgaria) headed by Dr Solomon Passy, Former Chairman, UN Security Council and Former Foreign Minister of Bulgaria. Dr. Passy has recently joined the Advisory Board of the company.


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