Automation does not scare millennials!

In a survey conducted by Talentedge, India’s leading Ed-Tech firm, of over 1000 young professionals, the findings revealed an interesting perspective of India’s young working professionals.

While overwhelming evidence suggests that a large proportion of jobs in India are threatened by automation, and to avoid fundamental transformation in the kind of jobs available in developing countries such as ours, one needs to focus on their skill set more than ever before, the Indian youth seems pretty confident striding into the future. As per Talentedge’s survey, more than 80% millennials are convinced that they will be valuable to the company despite automation gaining precedence. It is also interesting to see that 43% of the youth aging 21-24 feels that their skills are good enough to tackle automation while 48% of the youth falling in the age group 25-30 believe upskilling will help them combat the same.


This survey was conducted via social media and one on one calling, giving us an insight into how secure do the young working professionals feel at their workplace, with automation being the wave of the future.


Sharing his views, Mr. Aditya Malik, CEO and MD, Talentedge said, “Technology has and will undoubtedly continue to profoundly reshape the world. In the continuing search for business process cost efficiency, automation is truly the next big thing as it not only promises cost savings, but other benefits such as reduced errors, more productivity, faster operations, reliability and 24X7 availability. A growing trend in the last few years has been an increasing number of working professionals opting for online courses, with an aim to acquire new skills and competencies to remain relevant.”




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