Chunky Pandey Is the Quintessential Tourist guide in Ruchi Narain’s Hanuman Da Damdaar

Ruchi Narain the director of the animation film, HANUMAN DA DAMDAAR was overheard saying actor Chunky Pandey has become the quintessential tourist guide, ever since his portrayal of Akhri Pasta in a Bollywood comedy.

“Lanka could easily be the New York of the yore, given the fact that it is the city of gold, I believed that itself called for a tourist guide. And who better, you tell me? You see Chunky and you think he will be so good at being a tourist guide. Believe me, it might be on my subconscious cause I couldn’t think of anyone other than him to play the tourist guide in our film,” confessed Ruchi who cannot stop laughing thinking about Chunky and his portrayal of Nazuk the tourist guide.

When asked about the character, “Chunky himself described his character as soft, after all he is a half-half… if you know what we mean! Half Srilankan and half Indian, what were you thinking?” teased Ruchi who had us in splits discussing the method in madness, that is HANUMAN DA’ DAMDAAR!

The Damdaar trailer of India’s superhero, Hanuman will be released on 18th of April.

We sure know what we will be doing this Summer, heading to the theatres right around the corner. R.A.T films are all set to release HANUMAN DA DAMDAAR on 19th May.


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