Spotlight releases on VB on Web today

#VBOnTheWeb grows on you, and if you are an actor on the sets it will crawl into your skin when you are least expecting. Actress Tridha figured that out the hard way.

#VBontheweb has created a storm online. There is no one who hasn’t watched and got addicted to Vikram Bhatt’s webseries. While his previous productions MAAYA and TWISTED, left everyone breathless, his latest SPOTLIGHT is said to be inside story of all that goes around in the world of those who have embraced the limelight.

Their protagonist Tridha claims her character from the series, Sana, followed her home. “Sana is supposed to project the life people in the spotlight tend to live, she begins to start taking things for granted. She is a total diva and least apologetic about it. Unfortunately, while playing the diva I starting acting like one in real life too… of course, my friends and family laughed it off and totally put me in my space,” laughed Tridha.

SPOTLIGHT releases on #VBONTHEWEB today.


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