MY FM initiates a unique way of surprising its listeners at the airport in Ahmedabad

MY FM, India’s leading Local FM Network announced the completion of a decade in Ahmedabad with a four daylong celebration – ‘Jalsavaad.’ To promote the event, My FM carried out airport activation in Ahmedabad airport from April 6 to 9, 2017 for people flying in from cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Pune.


The radio channel took its listeners by surprise as they showered them with gift hampers of chocolate boxes and bottles of flavoured water etc. The hampers were   rolled out on the luggage conveyor belts as passengers waited to collect their luggage. It were packed with quirky one liners saying “Take me, I’m yours” and customized messages.


Elaborating on the thought process behind the airport activation, Mr. Harrish Bhatia said, “We always strive to thank our listeners in a unique way. With the Airport activation we wanted to explore other means of communication to reach out to the listeners and not restrict ourselves to only the traditional media.


He also added, “Jalsavaad is our way of thanking our listeners. We wanted to shower all the love and affection we have been getting from our listeners. Surprising the passengers at the airport while they were waiting for their luggage is an innovative idea in itself and passengers were delighted by the hampers”



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