Farmers witness benefits of high-yielding Seminis® Hybrid Tomato seeds – Horsley and Ansal

Monsanto India, a globally leading sustainable agriculture company, today showcased its high yielding Seminis® tomato hybrid seeds “Horsley” and “Ansal” at a mega farmers’ meet at Arlukuntae in Kolar district. More than 500 progressive farmers, nursery growers and trade partners participated in the event to witness the benefits of these new hybrids.

“Horsley” and “Ansal” tomato hybrids remain the most suitable hybrids for tomato planting in the region. Farmers in Kolar have preferred Seminis® seeds for their uniform and heavy fruit setting, good in fruit firmness, fruit size uniformity, faster maturity and increased yields. These hybrids will also enable in creating a strong footprint among the non-users in this region and growers.

GC Shivkumar, Profit Centre Head, West & South, Monsanto, said, “At Monsanto, we are committed to enabling farmers to sow better and yield better by providing them quality seeds through innovation and research. This constant inflow of new products from our technology pipeline will enable us to fulfil our commitment for providing farmers hybrids with the better technology.”

The “Horsley” and “Ansal” tomato hybrids of Seminis® hybrids are characterised by excellent fruit firmness, suitable for long transportation and excellent fruit size uniformity.

Gopal Krishna from Yeldur Hobli Village, said,I have been planting Seminis® hybrid seeds in my land and have always been happy with the output. Over the years I have always received the highest yields. Even the traders buy it quickly and we get good rates due to the fruit’s firmness.”

In addition, with an objective to demonstrate new concepts and technologies to various stakeholders, Monsanto has established Centres of Excellence (CoEs) across various regions of India. At these CoEs, farmers witness techniques for Integrated Weed Management, Technology Showcasing, High – Density & Mechanical Planting, Weed Control and Crop Diversification amongst others.

Monsanto’s field teams, 80 percent of whom are from rural backgrounds constantly engage with farmers to provide them with inputs on best crop management practices which will enable secure optimum yields.

Seminis® hybrid vegetable seeds offer farmers higher yield potential, quick maturity and uniformity in size, shape and colour as compared to using other seed varieties. Consumers have more than 110 distinct vegetable seeds representing major vegetable crops of the country including beans, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, cucumber, pickling cucumber, gourds, hot pepper, musk melon, onion, radish, squash, sweet pepper, tomato, watermelon and other crops.

Monsanto has seven R&D seed breeding facilities for its Seminis® vegetable hybrid seeds across India, and is testing and introducing wider choices of hybrid vegetable seeds suited to diverse agronomic conditions to enable farmers to produce more and improve their lives.



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