​Renowned theta healer Rachna Mehra honored by President Dr Pranab Mukherjee

Rachna Mehra, Theta Healer who can energize people and spin everyone’s world into a new orbit, was recognized among the 100 Women achiever award in the category of ‘Healtcare and wellness’. 100 Women achiever award is an initiative by the Ministry of Women and Child Development in collaboration with Facebook to acknowledge and recognize the contribution of women achievers in India. Rachna Mehra along with other women achievers was facilitated by the President, Dr. Pranab Mukherjee, over a lunch today at the Rashtrapti Bhavan.

Rachna Mehra is a Soul Catalyst to heal the people from the fatigued and exhausted life due to the jam packed schedule and stress playing havoc. A certificate of science and master instructor from the Theta Healing Institute of knowledge, USA, Rachna Mehra has been practicing theta since 2006. Through her workshops and healing sessions she has worked with over 1000 clients helping them in their journey through her 3E programs, i.e. Education, Experience and Enlightened.

Commenting on the achievement, Rachna Mehra says,I am so glad to be recognized for such an honorable award, and only wish to help more and more people get that confidence to look at life more beautifully. Theta healing to me is like Being in the feeling of attitude of gratitude and always believing in the self power that lies within individual. When we are going into a Theta brainwave to conduct healing sessions we are not only healing others, we are healing ourselves at the same time!!!!”

Rachna Mehra has been transformational in bringing a change to the lives of many women through her Theta Healing practice. Not only has she empowered women via her teachings, but also has taken 1:1 responsibility to change beliefs and health/ emotional issues.

Mehra adds, “Knowledge increases by sharing, therefore, I have decided to conduct workshops to self transform people and heal them and reprogram their belief. The main objective of the workshop is to connect people to the omnipresent God and to prepare them to evolve emotionally, spiritually and physically and to lead an ecstatic life.”

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