Everdata Technologies ‘Winner of Users Choice Award’ as Cloud Host

Source:Business Wire India

Cloud market in India is emerging at an astounding rate, and Everdata has expanded its offering to not only meet, but to exceed the demands of cloud customers in their region,” said Ruslan Synytsky, Jelastic CEO. “Our partnership with Everdata means that together, we bring all the advantages and proven benefits of Jelastic cloud platform to customers in the country. As a result, users experience high availability, automatic vertical and horizontal scaling, flexible pricing and full DevOps automation. And recent win in the poll performed among users shows the customers’ satisfaction in the services provided by Everdata.”

For the year 2015 customer satisfaction survey  conducted by Jelastic, Everdata Technologies emerged as the “Best Cloud Hosting Provider” by accruing the topmost score of votes by true cloud users. The votes by Cloud users were on various categories such as great uptime, price, support, scalability, provider reputation, hardware quality, control panel, etc.

The poll results clearly depict that Everdata Cloud is the topmost innovative cloud platform for today’s cloud users as it combines the container based IaaS along with the unlimited PaaS which is supported by an enhanced, trendier, knowledgeable and experienced system administrator team that deftly and successfully meets with all the demands or issues at hand.

To feel the ultimate cloud experience that combines fully elastic pricing, scalability, flexibility, transparency and complete control over the entire environment upgrade to the Everdata Cloud, that is based on Jelastic platform.

Everdata Cloud offers unparalleled ease and flexibility of use from the web developer’s point of view, because not even zero code change is required for providing rapid environment setup or one click deployments. For radically speeding up and improving the development process the unlimited PaaS bears a broad range of software stacks which supports matching and mixing efficiently.

Another feature that is expected by modern enterprises and businesses is transparency, clear-cut oversight of the total cloud environment and cost effectivity through elastic and flexible pricing for a firm rein on their business matters.

Seeing the potential of the heralding of the cloud era in India, Everdata Technologies launched the Jelastic cloud platform for the general public. They launched the Everdata Cloud, the first ever Hindi cloud to enable Indian organisations and businesses to host and keep a firm control on their mission critical data  in India itself, thereby keeping it safe and away from foreign corporations and governments.

Everdata is a highly reputable professional IT company right since its start-up in 1997. The company has always kept the ‘Customer First’ policy and offered secure, reliable, wallet friendly and powerful business solutions

The company ideals are dedicated to pioneering progressive hosting solutions to be upto date with the ever-changing needs of both local and international clients. Everdata currently provides to an assortment of hosting needs of its thousands of clients in 57 countries worldwide.

Everdata’s Data Center is Rajasthan’s first privately owned Tier III data center. It has a built-up area of 21,000+ Sq. feet of DC floor and can house up to 14000 servers easily. This IPv6 ready Data center is located in Jaipur, which according to the Seismic Map of India is considered as the safest area from earthquakes and other natural disasters in India as well as worldwide, thereby making it ideal for organisations and businesses on the lookout for disaster recovery and business continuity services worldwide.

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