Tarpa Festival 2015 and Daman Beach Festival 2015 Successfully Executed by T.I.C.

T.I.C. bid adieu to 2015 and welcomed the New Year in its unique and univocal style, by successfully delivering 6 back to back days of celebrity-intensive shows for the Tarpa Festival and Daman Beach Festival! Earlier, through a pan India Government bidding process, T.I.C. got shortlisted amongst intense competition on the basis of concept, execution capabilities and past experiences, as the chosen one from amongst a posse of leading event management organizations from across the country, by the UT Administration of Daman & Diu and Dadra & Nagar Haveli (DDDNH).

The Tarpa Festival, a traditional festival of the people of the Dadra & Nagar Haveli region, was executed by T.I.C. at Silvassa and Khanvel (parallel venues) across 25th, 26th and 27th Dec 2015, which was immediately followed through by the Daman Beach Festival, along the Lighthouse Beach of Moti Daman, through 28th, 29th and 30th Dec 2015.

The biggest challenge faced by T.I.C., which was also a part of the brief, that both these Festivals had to be diametrically different in terms of concept, look ‘n feel, elements, artists and show flow. While conceptualizing, T.I.C. had to keep in mind the distinct nature of both the Festivals, the first being a traditional ‘Tribal’ themed one for Tarpa Festival and the other being a ‘Carnival’ based Festival for Daman, and T.I.C. came out on tops, getting a lot of appreciation from the client as well as the audiences alike, for their conceptual uniqueness, design ‘n décor, execution detailing, artist management, logistical handling, crowd control, and the likes.

The Silvassa setup was inspired by ‘Nature, Woods, Peace, and most importantly, the resident Tribes of the region, while the Daman Beach Festival was all about Fun, Celebrations, Colours and an overarching Carnival Atmosphere. For 6 days running, various entertainment quotients were successfully delivered, spanning from the likes of folk dances, group performances, tribal dances & songs, and traditional presentations, to plays, standup humour, celebrity performances, stage shows, concerts and Bollywood dance troupes.

Both the shows opened with an official inauguration ceremony hosted by the local administration as per government protocols, inaugurated by the Hon’ble Administrator Shri Ashish Kundra IAS, in the presence of an apt representation of the administration as well as political parties.

The inauguration ceremonies on both counts were grouped together with various other activities and elements, like a plethora of Local Level Competitions to engage the local masses and to provide a platform for Local Talent, spectacular Festival-opening Fireworks, Folk Dances, Local Dance Groups, Traditional Singers & Musicians, Performances by School Children and Local Troupes alike, a Play in the local vernacular, Traditional Performances like Gujarati Dayro, Laserman Shows, Standup Performances by Celebrities, Mimicry Artists, Bollywood Dance Troupes, Celebrity Singers & Performers along with Live Bands, and the likes. Apart from these, to showcase the rich cultural heritage of the region, various local artists, musicians and folk performances were also engaged who mesmerized the audiences with their enchanting and captivating presentations.

Besides, at both the festivals, T.I.C. also exclusively conducted a Mobile Carnival each, which was a series of Tableau-Styled Floats on various regionally relevant themes, bunched together with theme-based dance groups and music to light up the Festivals. Both the Festivals also had a huge number of flea-market styled canopy set ups which provided the local retailers and F&B sellers a grand opportunity to cater to the thronging crowds with their knick knacks. And to top it all, both the venues also had an elaborate Melasetup each, rife with ferris wheels, merry go rounds, multiple rides for children, inflatable rides, and various other Mela-styled attractions.

The celebrity artists who entertained and engaged the way-more-than-anticipated audiences with their energetic performances, included Baadshah, KK, Raja Hassan, Neeraj Shreedhar (Bombay Vikings), Ehsaan Qureshi, Raja Sagoo, Sanober Kabir, the MJ5 Group, and a Bollywood Dance Troupe, all with their own bands and groups.

T.I.C. received a lot of kudos and appreciation from everyone who enjoyed the shows, especially due to their immaculate show management and high end & flawless delivery models, which made both the Festivals a raging success!

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