10 important things to keep in mind if you plan a destination wedding!

Many couples choose a destination wedding because they view it as more exciting and romantic than a close to home wedding. Destination weddings are a great choice for countless couples for a variety of reasons. To some, the financial savings over a traditional wedding is appealing, for others it seems natural since many of their relatives will be travelling to attend the wedding anyway. Whatever the reason, a destination wedding could be the perfect way to say “I do!”

  1. Decide the destination and book a venue a year ago: If you give yourself at least a year to book things like your venue and photographer, you have that much more time to shop around for the best price. The wedding venue can be costly, but you can save a lot of money by booking. Although its always preferable to hire an event management firm that could ease your work and you may utilize that time in making other checklist.
  2. Consider the destination as per weather: Summer wedding in dubai? Winter wedding in Europe? BAD IDEA!!

Know where you are going and know what you plan to do when you get there. Planning a destination wedding in Shimla in winters is not a good idea. This will be troublesome for you and your guests. Moderate temperature is preferable. Check with status with the hotel during that month. Nothing is worse than thinking you are going somewhere where all you want to do is lay on the beach, only to find out the beach is too rocky to use. Or plan a trip to sightsee, only to get to your hotel and find out there is nothing to see. So better do your homework well in advance.

  1. 3. Talk Budget: This is true for any wedding, but especially for a destination wedding. In excitement the couples tend to forget the aspects that could be economically friendly. Like you can get really good deals with the hotel if you book early. Spending too much on sight seeing is not a good idea rather it could be invested in your jewellery. Invest in something which is worth. Its not necessary that expensive weddings are great. Be smart! Prices can vary greatly from place to place (and even what’s offered within the place), so knowing how much money you’re going in with, and trying to stick to that budget, will help you narrow down your options.
  2. Hire a wedding planner: DIY? Stressful job it is to plan a wedding and that too destination wedding. Coordinating with guests and management will make you tired before wedding. So It’s best to hire an event management company and a wedding planner.

The professionals not only help you guide the event but also suggest you with the various in things. Like the best hotels at that respective destination. Also the planning pain gets over from your end and the professionals provide you with the best!

  1. Taste the venue’s food before you finalise the menu: Even if you are getting married at a 7star property, its a must deal to taste the food before finalizing the menu. No matter how much you spend and what you organize if the food is not up to the mark, the guests will not enjoy anything. So make sure not to check on the food before you book it.
  2. Baggage count: As the family is all set to move to the destination, it is the most important thing to make your baggage without forgetting important stuffs. As you will be going far off from your house so if you forget even a pin, it would be difficult for you to find the local markets.  So better make a checklist and keep ticking each item while packing. Specially the bride and the groom, needs to check recheck their attires and jewelry.
  3. Itinerary for brides – Fix the mehendi, photographer, bridal make up artists: omg! This too is important!!

The work gets easy with wedding planner. But if you want to do it yourself, then book freeze the booking for mehendi guy, photographer and most importantly make up artists. Not only for you but for the entire family. Make sure it’s a renowned make up artist. Go through their previous work. Visit them to see doing a bridal session or do take pre bridal make up. Even though all the eyes will be at bride but bride’s mother equally needs to look at her best. Mehendi guy needs to be told about the pax well in advance.

Do not blindly rely on the wedding planner, its must to  check everything about what you book. If the couple is hiring only photographer or one mehendi guy, so make sure that the team is sufficient to manage. Just one guy will create a mess and you might get to hear complaints about the management. And if you are planning it all alone then get prepared to have a tough time

What you’re going to wear on your wedding can be dictated by many things – your personal style, your budget or your location. Make sure to pick an outfit that will be comfortable for your climate and setting.

  1. Medical facility: in excitement do not forget to carry few generic medicines like for head ache, stomach ache, and fever. This is very useful!
  2. Guest lists to check and freeze atleast 4 months before the wedding:  Just book them and relax before the wedding, if you wish to look good!

Check with the guests if they need any other information regarding the preparations being done at the venue. Or the route map. Tell them clearly about the place. Some guests demand too much attention and some believe part of a family. So learnt to let go things. Remember that its your day, so just make the fullest out of it.

Itinerary should be shared before the event, so the guests get enough time to prepare their attire as per theme. Remember to Thank Your Guests.

  1. Celebrity management: In grand Indian wedding, these days’ celebrity artists are arranged to give a performance for the couple. Many singers are called to the destination of the wedding. So if the family has arranged such performances, then they should arrange the stay properly for the celebrity depending on the program. Not to forget to freeze that date in advance as during wedding season, its difficult to arrange the celebrity at the end moment.

(The writer, Mr. Ashu Garg, is the creative mind of GTC Events located at Paschim Vihar, Delhi. He has organized more than 1500 events and deals in wedding architect and individual events. Specializes in Destination wedding, GTC Events is a one stop shop for all your wedding related solutions).

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