Salam Namaste Radio Salutes Woman Entrepreneurs with ‘Salam Shakti’ campaign

IMS Noida’s community radio mobilizes students to promote small scale business and enterprises run by women

Women entrepreneurship plays a leading role in a country’s development. Women form a major part of small and medium enterprises across the world including in India, with many running their small yet profitable businesses from their homes.

Saluting and promoting such endeavors is a new initiative launched by Salaam Namaste Community Radio, an educational unit of IMS Noida. The radio campaign Salaam Shakti has been launched this month as an initiative to promote entrepreneurship by women and help women running small businesses promote their endeavors. Creative and entrepreneurial women who have interesting business ideas or are running their own business on small scales but lack in terms of investment and marketing tools, can use this platform to promote their work.

Through this Radio Initiative Salaam Namaste wishes to help such women who run small scale business like handicrafts, best out of waste creations, beauty, tuitions, trainings for exams,  chocolate making, etc to boost their businesses and encourage others who have ideas to enter the market. The program not only promotes the creativities of these women but also draws attention to the subdued strength and potential that millions of ordinary women posses.

Salam Shakti is not the first initiative taken by Salam Namaste Community radio Station. Earlier, it initiatives such Hum Mein Dum Hai and Haandi-To Craft were some other radio programs that promoted women empowerment amongst the masses. While the former program dealt with stories of women who have made it large in life through their achievements, the later brought together all the women involved in handicrafts.


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