An Event on Digital Literacy was held at Radisson Hotel, Noida, on 2nd December 2015.

Dr. KJS Anand (extreme left) , executive director of IMS Noida and fellow of IIM Ahmdabad at India`s Digital Literacy Challenge panel discussion with other panelist .Prof. Abhishek Mishra, Minister for Vocational Education & Skill Development, UP, inaugurated the event. He shared his ideas on Digital Literacy. The minister stressed on educating as many people possible with basic digital skills in an efficient and cost effective manner within the most populous state of the country. Mr. Damien Sullivan, Global head of ICDL, spoke about the challenge of enormity in such a task and how a suitable public-private partnership would enable that more effectively.

In a panel Discussion, Dr. KJS Anand, Executive Director of IMS Noida, said that the energy of the youth has to be tapped, as observed by him in the Silicon Valley hub and other places of International excellence. He cited an example of how a few students of IMS Noida have not only taken the path of digital literacy but also put it to use in incubating social and commercial start ups.

Two students of IMS explained the process of starting an Organ Donation bank by targeting the youth segment. The State Minister signed and endorsed the incubation effort of the institute.


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