Alchemist launches nationwide campaign Quit India

  • Alchemist Pharma launches its initiative “Quit India” to combat the menace of Anemia, Calcium Deficiency and Weak Immunity
  • Alchemist Quit India scheme completes the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Swach Bharat with Swasth Bharat i.e “Clean India, Healthy India”. Alchemist is involving and calling the entire Indian Medical fraternity to support this national cause.

1India’s Well-known Pharma Group Alchemist has launched a nation-wide scheme “Quit India” today on 21 November, 2015, 4:30 pm at Central Park Connaught Place, New Delhi. The main aim behind the initiative is to help combat the three main health issues plaguing the general health of Indians, namely anemia, calcium deficiency and weak immunity. Hundreds of people were present to support the great cause. Alchemist Alchemist Quit India scheme completes the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Swach Bharat withSwasth Bharat; “Clean India, Healthy India”. Alchemist three brands partner this movement i.e Anemi-XT for Anemia, Valcal M for calcium deficiency, and IGTG –FORTE for weak immunity.

On the occasion students from the National Institute of Mass Communication (NIMC) also performed a street play ‘Quit India’ to draw attention of the audience present there towards these health problems plaguing the Indians at large.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. C.S. Jolly Managing Director of Alchemist Pharma said, “Alchemist has taken this initiative to complete the theme of Clean India of Indian Government with Healthy India by Alchemist through involvement of medical fraternity. Alchemist has Reignited the Quit India Campaign to see that 3 major ailments Anemia, Calcium Deficiency and Weak Immunity Quit India to ensure a Healthy India and we are really proud to initiate for this noble cause of Indian Society.”

Alchemist Foundation, the CSR Initiative wing of Alchemist group will be extending this innovative scheme across India with the aim of supplementing government efforts to combat these health challenges.  Under this nationwide programme the Alchemist with the help of doctors network will identify these patients  and support 50% therapy to all poor patients on first purchase of Anemi-XT (for Iron Deficiency), Valcal-M (for Calcium Deficiency) and IGTG FORTE (for weak immunity).  The idea is even the poorest of the poor should have the access to quality medicines and that too Alchemist will bear the 50% cost for all poor patients on first purchase.

Dr. Gagan Malhotra MD Pediatrics added, “It is a great initiative of Alchemist Pharma and I welcome this and I on behalf of medical fraternity AND extend whole hearted support to this one of the biggest initiatives of its kind taken in India by Alchemist Pharma. I congratulate the entire Team of Alchemist for this noble initiative.”

Mr. Gaurav Arora AVP Marketing Alchemist said, “As a part of this great initiative launched by Mr. CS Jolly MD Alchemist Pharma,Alchemist Foundation, The CSR wing of Alchemist Group is sponsoring the entire initiative for all poor patients by bearing 50% of the therapy cost ON first purchase for Anemia, Calcium Deficiency and Weak Immunity.” Alchemist 3 brands Anemi XT for Anemia, Valcal M for calcium deficiency and IGTG –FORTE for weak immunity is partnering this great cause of Indian society.

The silent killer anemia is an important health issue that Alchemist seeks to address. According to the National Family Health Survey statistics, every second Indian woman is anemic and one in every five maternal deaths is directly due to anemia.
(Anemia ‘a silent killer’ among women in India: Present scenario; European Journal of Zoological Research, 2014, 3 (1):32-36).

Recent research indicates that ~46 million women over the age of 50 years in 2015 are suffering from calcium and vitamin D deficiency. Thus, osteoporosis is a major public health problem in Indian women. Low calcium intakes with extensive prevalence of vitamin D deficiency, increasing longevity, sex inequality, early menopause, genetic predisposition, lack of diagnostic facilities, and poor knowledge of bone health have contributed toward the high prevalence of osteoporosis.

Boosting the immunity of every Indian so that they may be less susceptible to infections is also a formidable challenge for the government, one that Alchemist seeks to help with. Immuno-compromised conditions like TB, Anemia Pregnancy, Cancer, AIDS, CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), Children, Ageing populations, and Viral Infections like Dengue, herpes, common cough and cold, Swine Flu, attack all ages of society and weak immunity is responsible for contracting the infections faster. We need to boost immunity of Indian Population so that we may save many lives and pre boost the immunity of every individual so that they may be less susceptible to infections.. According to the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, 64058 cases of Dengue and 12963 Swine flu cases were reported in 2015. A stronger immunity can help reduce the number of cases and also the intensity of these diseases. Understanding the complexities of the challenges these health problems poses for India; the Alchemist’s nation-wide campaign seeks to boost government efforts to ensure that these are completely eradicated from the country.

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